Every company has a lingo, a dialect. And Haystack is no different. We use certain words in our communications with customers, partners, and potential investors and we thought it worthwhile to go over three of our most common words and what they mean to us so we can make sure they mean the same things to you when we’re having a conversation.

Linger (noun)
The linger coefficient is at the heart of Haystack’s technology and versions of the linger coefficient are used by leading performance measurement platforms like Google Analytics. Linger is used as an input into much larger, proprietary formulas but it can be accurately described as being derived completely from user behavior while “in record,” meaning while the user is accessing information, reading something, watching something, or listening to something. A media item with “promising linger” is something that grabs the user’s attention or is a clear destination within the site.

Generation (noun)
A generation is the major iteration of the media item or search result. Think of it as the version number to the left of the decimal point in a piece of software. Minor tweaks or fixing typos won’t trigger detection of a new generation, but replacing a one-minute teaser trailer with a ten-minute video certainly will and a major update of text where a reasonably high percentage of the text is distinguishable from the prior version of the page will justify a new generation.

Adhee (noun)
The adhee of a result is the “increase in adhesion” – in other words, how much more time (for instance) do users spend interacting with the page, video, or song since an update of the constituent content. This is an indicator of increasing relevance (a change can also have “negative adhee”). Adhee is also measurable for what we call serial content; perhaps as a podcast or video channel becomes more popular there are more celebrity guests or more interesting products reviewed or higher production values, any or all of these might increase the adhee of the series from one episode to the next.