We’re happy to announce we’ve begun to explore a data science partnership with a leader in the adult content industry where Haystack would review and analyze its proprietary data on site/page hits, unique user behavior, search results, search hierarchy, new content popularity, watch time, and other metrics.

This is an interesting potential partnership in three respects.

○ The potential partner has a library over hundreds of thousands of pieces of video content with robust record-keeping as to how long users watched each video, what search terms each user expressed an interest in, where on various sites within the partner’s network the user spent more or less time, and so forth. This is a data-rich archive of user behavior and exactly the kind of data Haystack is expert at analyzing.

○ On major search platforms, over 10% of searches are crafted to return adult-oriented results, so ignoring this part of the search ecosystem is simply not an option. Instead of working with public datasets that are available to our competitors and other search technology researchers, a proprietary dataset created and curated by a strategic partner lets us better-understand how media owners and licensees are organizing adult-oriented content.

○ User behavior is different when users are accessing different kinds of media. This is especially true, we suspect, with stigmatized media like adult content. Users access this content differently, on different devices, with different patterns and durations of access, and at different times of day. Understanding differentiated user behavior that is peculiar to a specific kind of content is enormously valuable and one of Haystack’s research priorities.

Pending approvals and further negotiations on the fine points of this research effort, this research may begin as soon as December 2017 with improvements made to Haystack’s technologies as soon as the first quarter of 2018.