It’s been an amazing past 60 days or so at Haystack.

We’ve had meaningful discussions in the past 90 days with folks from Alphabet (owner of YouTube), Amazon (and Amazon Video), IBM, Microsoft (owner of Bing), and Netflix. Since our last newsletter, IBM’s Innovation Team cited Haystack technology in a pending patent application and an engineer from IBM’s Innovation Team has joined Haystack’s growing team of advisors.

Other important recent additions to the advisors list include a current YouTube executive, a former Twitter executive, a former Pandora executive, a YouTube star with hundreds of millions of views (yes, hundreds of millions… 214.9 million and counting, as of this newsletter…), and an Instagram star with over a million followers. These people will help guide Haystack’s direction, message, and research through 2018 and beyond; we’re thankful for their involvement.

We’ve been invited to speak on search engine technology and its evolution at leading research universities, research and innovation labs of major companies, and tech conferences. Stay tuned (and follow us on Twitter at @Haystack!) to learn where we’ll be presenting the latest and greatest. We’ll also be doing at least one “unveiling” this summer for a major patent we expect to issue this year.

Of course, none of this would be possible without continued interest in the technology. Who is using our technology? Major brands and platforms use Haystack technology to match users with content that is relevant to their interests and to exclude low-quality content from results, including Pornhub (close to 100 billion videos viewed per year) and YouTube (over 1 billion unique users).

We hope your 2018 is off to an amazing start and we look forward to sharing more about our progress in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, to keep up with the latest news about Haystack, follow us on Twitter (@Haystack).