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    Introducing Haystack

    Haystack allows you to analyze user behavior retrospectively in all types of media.


How It Works

Haystack works by looking at user behavior retrospectively through metadata, sequential version comparison, application-specific version control, access records, and records of loading and caching of various files, with an emphasis on analyzing the amount of time users spend interacting with files or portions of files.

Actionable Insights

Haystack uses a patented set of analytical frameworks to discover value stored in media libraries. The best indicator of value is the user’s behavior when interacting with your content, so that’s where we focus our efforts.

User Behavior: Monitor, Measure, and Monetize


Humans listen longer to songs they prefer. We watch videos longer when we prefer them. Haystack’s algorithms exploit this to refine recommendations and results.


It’s not enough to just find content, you need to know where users are spending their time and get the data you need to support decisions.

We invented it. Literally.

Beginning in 2009, with patent filings as early as 2010, Haystack originated a series of technologies for contextual temporal search. In plain English, that’s using user behavior to spot what content is most valuable.


Haystack is for you

  • Karl is our CEO and the principal inventor of Haystack’s technology.

    “Our goal is to make user behavior actionable, not just interesting.”

    CEO, Haystack WS
  • Mike manages a customer-facing video library of thousands of videos.

    “Haystack lets us understand the difference between views and engagement, and that’s huge.”

    Media Curation
  • Chelsea works at a music streaming service that licenses millions of songs.

    “Haystack’s technology helps users help each other and helps us optimize results.”

    Media Services

The Next Step In Search

  • Data Collection

    As a user interacts with different types of media, Haystack collects and measures that user’s behavior to enrich search results and featured content for subsequent users. We put each user’s behavior to work, using it to improve the appeal, curation, and effectiveness of your content.

  • Display

    After data is collected, Haystack’s technology can display this content in meaningful ways. Our technology helps you understand user preferences, tastes, and trends at the single-user level – or all the way up to cohort and population statistics for millions of users.

  • Big & Small Data

    Haystack combines test-and-learn methodologies with the power of deep analytics. Still counting views? Haystack allows you to visualize user preferences across videos, songs, podcasts, and more. Then compare your content’s popularity to competitors’.

  • Method

    Haystack uses a patented set of analytical frameworks that helps route users toward concentrated areas of high-relevance content. Our methods are designed by experts with deep quantitative training.

See How It Works

We’re changing how you interact with search and user behavior. Check out how Haystack technology improves your business’s decisions and your users’ experiences.



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